Friday, January 24, 2014

What Does It Mean To Be an Independent?

Mom and pop, locally-owned, indie businesses or however you refer to us - this is what we are.

Our businesses are owned by real live people - your neighbors and friends - those you go to church with and the ones who teach your children.

We are not a faceless corporation or exclusive club of “fat cats” at fancy desks, piling up stock dividends in an off-shore bank account.

We are the ones who greet you when you arrive, bag your purchases, stock the shelves and clean the building.

We do what we preach; choose to spend our money locally, with other independent businesses. We elect to support our communities.

We are unique and not just copycat versions of one another.

We create jobs, employ the local people and give your teenagers their first learning experience after school with a real responsibility.

When you shop in your own community you silently vote to strengthen it.

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