Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What is an Independent Business Owner?

What IS an independent business owner?

Those who operate your favorite places, hometown favorites and local icons all over the country - are more than just faceless people. We ARE the heart and soul of your community; we donate for your Little League fundraisers, support benefit events for neighbors, open up upon request because you forgot dessert and desperately need one before heading to a family gathering. Fliers for events, fire department car washes, and lost pets are always on display in the windows because we have no "corporate policy" banning such things.

We see you at church, teach your children, donate boxes of snacks to the troops serving overseas, and bring a surprise cake to your mom's 90th birthday party. We close up the shop to gather with our community at the local airport to welcome home a soldier, share prayers and tears during a local tragedy, stop on the way home to bring you the gift you'd ordered but can't leave work to pick up.

We hire your teenagers for their first job, hand out printed materials explaining why we sell American-made products, write an IOU on a slip of paper when your child comes in and has forgotten to bring money. We cry with with you when a visit brings the sad news that your father has finally passed; celebrate your daughter's wedding; meet your first grandchild.

Our community is us and we are it. In no way can that ever compare to a big box store.

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