Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom and Pop Against Corporate Greed

I've already been opposed to the greedy fat cats of huge corporations which pay their employees so little or deliberately give them too few hours to qualify for benefits. I'm against the select few which sit at the top and collect massive salaries, own multiple vacation homes and yet, the billions of dollars in profit serve to only make those in the top positions wealthy.

And then I came across this - and it's not about the penny. The tiny amount of money referenced here actually represents a much bigger issue. It's almost as if by supporting the retail giants we are encouraging an ultimate level of greed. Do we want to support that - especially when these chains already effect so many hard-working independent business owners - the ones who care about their communities? They choose to pay their employees decent wages; in many cases you see long-time workers in a family-owned business for ten, twenty - maybe even thirty years. They are taken care of by doing a good job because that benefits everyone; completely unlike a corporate structure.

"Take a guess how much the price of a 68-cent box of mac-and-cheese would increase if Walmart paid its employees a living wage. Twenty-five cents? A dollar?Try a single penny."

And this is the reason I boycott walmart. We survived before they came along; why would I need to fatten a CEO's bank account now?

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