Monday, November 30, 2015

Make it a Local Holiday Season (#ShopLocal)

I'm dreaming of a local Christmas....Why leave town to shop?
Money spent locally is money invested locally.

What I think keeps many people from spending locally is time. Small stores and local businesses may not be open 24/7 (nor should they be), but in today's world it seems that is the norm and what we've come to expect perhaps. Plan ahead so you have plenty of time before the holidays.

Why not choose to step away from the corporate greed found in the big box stores? Support independent businesses instead.

Empty towns are depressing. Keep them thriving and full of holiday cheer.

Spending locally is investing locally.

Live Local USA ~ "The voice of independent businesses"

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Movement Towards Shopping Locally (and disgust at corporate greed)

I'm getting giddy about #SmallBusinessSaturday. Some years in the past I have kind of thought it was a lot of hype and not enough action behind the words, but THIS YEAR.....I think this might be it. By the way, if you aren't on board yet time is ticking; here's a short list of ideas and resources to get you in the mood for November 28th. Small Business Saturday 2015

Why? Consumers, despite being such incredibly fickle creatures, are somewhat outraged at the whole "Open on Thanksgiving" concept. There are multiple sites and facebook pages (for more on this check out my blog post I'm against Black Thursday and Black Friday) dedicated to listing the offenders who are making their employees come into work on Turkey Day. And much of the feedback indicates disgust towards the big box retailers and their greed. How much is their outrage worth? We're about to find out in just a few days.

Now that doesn't mean consumers won't just go out shopping at all the places they railed against on Black Friday - but it is interesting watching the annoyance building about the whole Thursday thing. Could it help people to stop and think about where they spend, consider who they really wish to support, and perhaps focus more on where their money goes? I can't help but hope that is the case. Small businesses matter and I'm a hard-core localist who is focused on their history, contributions made to the local economy, and partnerships with their communities. I'm already there with my support, but believe people need to wake up and think for themselves. Could this be the added push from consumers who are actually stopping to think about how they spend? I'm crossing my fingers and watching what happens next. 

Live Local USA: "The voice of independent businesses"
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Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm against #BlackThursday. AND #BlackFriday.

This fall it's been interesting to see how many people are jumping on the "no shopping for Thanksgiving" bandwagon. I can't quite figure out why, when so many are clamoring for the opportunity to buy more things that they likely can't really afford, on the very day we are supposed to be grateful for what we already have.

Why is THIS movement taking off? There are a number of active sites now dedicated to posting "naughty and nice lists" as a way to warn shoppers who is planning to ruin Thanksgiving by opening their stores. Gosh, if we had this kind of outrage about other issues such as the loss of independent retailers and family-owned icons closing after decades of business.....

Is it an "us against" them mentality?
Is it really about the day being considered family time?
Are people fired up about some other reason I'm missing??

Here are a few of the most popular facebook pages devoted to this cause:

It's baffling to me how people will all rush to the big box stores on FRIDAY, ignoring the hometown icons which have been a part of the community for decades, and yet be so upset over the "Black Thursday" madness. After all, they plan to still spend at the chains, so why does it matter who is open when? It's apparent that some support commercialism no matter when because the stores which have been open in the past clearly aren't empty on Thanksgiving anymore.

Live Local USA | "The voice of independent businesses"


Article 11.27.15: "Why Retailers Will Inevitably Lose The War On Thanksgiving"