Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm against #BlackThursday. AND #BlackFriday.

This fall it's been interesting to see how many people are jumping on the "no shopping for Thanksgiving" bandwagon. I can't quite figure out why, when so many are clamoring for the opportunity to buy more things that they likely can't really afford, on the very day we are supposed to be grateful for what we already have.

Why is THIS movement taking off? There are a number of active sites now dedicated to posting "naughty and nice lists" as a way to warn shoppers who is planning to ruin Thanksgiving by opening their stores. Gosh, if we had this kind of outrage about other issues such as the loss of independent retailers and family-owned icons closing after decades of business.....

Is it an "us against" them mentality?
Is it really about the day being considered family time?
Are people fired up about some other reason I'm missing??

Here are a few of the most popular facebook pages devoted to this cause:

It's baffling to me how people will all rush to the big box stores on FRIDAY, ignoring the hometown icons which have been a part of the community for decades, and yet be so upset over the "Black Thursday" madness. After all, they plan to still spend at the chains, so why does it matter who is open when? It's apparent that some support commercialism no matter when because the stores which have been open in the past clearly aren't empty on Thanksgiving anymore.

Live Local USA | "The voice of independent businesses"


Article 11.27.15: "Why Retailers Will Inevitably Lose The War On Thanksgiving"

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