Friday, May 6, 2016

Choose to Spend Local This Mother's Day (support independent businesses)

Don't give the same thing as everyone else. Many chain and big box stores all carry very similar items found from coast to coast. But the real deal, the unique things, now THOSE are often found in the smaller, local shops around the community. Take a few minutes to make sure you can plan something special.

Because....nothing says "I didn't think much about you" like an average gift found in any chain store. Choose local for Mother's Day....because Mom is worth it. And so is your economy.

Who wants to order the generic "value rose arrangement" as everyone else, from a company you don't know, using a call center that is probably located in another country!? Not me! Be smart and choose local for Mom by using an independent "REAL" florist. Why buy from a local florist? You can order directly with the people who will make and deliver something special. Recently when I ordered a gift, I was able to chat with a friendly person who helped me figure out what I wanted.....not just some random 800# clerk. And, I helped a local business.

Here are some additional suggestions:
  • Chocolates from an independent candy store
  • Lunch or dinner at an area restaurant
  • A day spent downtown exploring small shops
  • Gift certificate to a locally-owned service business
  • Indie book stores are always a great idea
  • Plants from the local nursery or garden center
  • Jewelry that is handmade in your area
  • A cake from the corner bakery
  • An afternoon tour of a nearby attraction or museum
  • A gift card to her favorite spa or salon

Sites to help you find a locally-owned florist:

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