Friday, June 17, 2016

A message to the followers of "Live Local USA"

So, I thought I should let you all know about some changes. From time to time this page may not be able to post as much, or you might see a whole deluge of comments and links shared at the same time.....things are changing pretty rapidly right now and I'm just trying to keep up.

About two weeks ago I'd mentioned we were venturing out to try an unknown independent for a special occasion, my mom's 80th birthday. The place we picked was an absolute home run, a grand slam in every way and she loved it. (perhaps one gauge of how much the other half enjoyed it was not minding paying the bill, ha ha). It was up there in price but exceptional in service and dining experience and that's all that mattered.

The following day mom fell and while she didn't break anything she did get admitted to the hospital. In a way we've been watching and worrying for some time now that she may not be able to make the best choices perhaps and while the hospital stay was for a variety of reasons incredibly frustrating, it did lead to home visits by some extremely helpful nurses and physical therapists. They picked up on what the hospital didn't see which I'm very grateful for and yet am sad to say we are finding ourselves in the middle of a huge and difficult situation where a fiercely independent parent is fighting back and even blocked my access to the doctors and her medical info. It's a whole new world and one I had never experienced before. My phone is constantly ringing and we are struggling to get answers, discuss safety concerns, manage evaluations and more. My trips to Virginia are exhausting and every week something new is emerging. Right now we don't know how this will go so if you happen to notice a decrease in posts then that means I'm stuck in the suburban city world, or on the road.

This effort - the commitment to using and supporting locally-owned businesses has never been "just a phrase" to me. I live it, advocate for this, care deeply about the small and amazing family operated gems we are lucky to have here in Delaware and yes, I mourn if we lose one. That won't change but should my posts temporarily become fewer I hope you will consider bookmarking this page to check back often or mousing over the "Liked" button to choose "Get Notifications" when posts are added.

To all of you out there with your companies which may span several generations, or who run a one-person niche service business or manage an established local icon, keep doing what you are doing. It's not easy....but it IS, without a doubt, the heart and soul of our country. Thank you for following this page and I'll do my best to keep up with all of you.

Andrea at Live Local USA


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