Monday, October 24, 2016

Spend Locally or just go to the Big Box Store? Small Biz vs Petco

So, if you'd been around on the Facebook page over the last few days you may have seen that I was totally irritated on Friday afternoon. The lack of interaction (zero, zilch, nadda) had made me wonder why so many people will share that little graphic about "Here's an idea.....(let's support a small business this holiday)" when there are so many REAL resources and sites which completely and totally support that thought process already as a lifestyle, a choice, not just a fad to do when we feel like it. Despite there being value in what some other pages (and this one) are saying, often few people appear to actually give a hoot. You might "like" a post to be polite, or maybe share a graphic that strikes you as useful, but you never comment nor do you really keep sharing that type of material as a regular thing. And that apathy just sometimes drives me CRAZY.

Here on this page sometimes I don't sugarcoat what I think or have to say - because I don't rely on advertisers to pay me nor am I affiliated with anyone. So what you get HERE is often straight talk - I've been on all sides of the cube with retail and small business ownership and management - and I'm also hardcore committed to the love and support of local businesses. So I tend to feel really upset when all the posts and comments and sharing and topics and discussions I ATTEMPT to begin here go nowhere. And some of that I take with a grain of salt, after all, we are just another Facebook page, and a lot of really creative/useful conversations don't always happen on this platform....and yet every time I post a cute little Christmas ornament image with the words "BUY LOCAL" cleverly splashed across it, people seem to share the heck out of it. So if you believe it matters don't you care to comment, add your thoughts, say something?? :/

On Friday morning I thought "what an excellent way to share my decision process" with you, by explaining the options I had while dashing out to buy stuff for the dog which was suddenly coming to live here. It's not as if we have money trees in the backyard and thus we don't own multiple pricey travel crates (the soft ones which collapse) - and yet because of space and the fact I will need to travel out of state with all the dogs together I needed to buy that immediately. (and time was on my side because as the other half began protesting how "Amazon would be cheapest" I was able to drown him out by explaining we needed it now). I'd posted this graphic to give folks an idea of what the decision process might look for many of you -

No one looked at this page I guess on Friday and yet here I was all excited hoping to share my shopping spree with you. Because you see, the indie pet supply store is about 1.5 miles from Petco and I COULD have just gone there and got everything in one stop. I probably would have paid less too! But there's more to this decision than just price - and unfortunately I have to stop here because the challenges of integrating this newest arrival are calling my be continued.

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