Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Celebrating Independents | National Pharmacist Day is January 12th

The focus of Live Local USA initially centered around retail and the small mom and pop shops that we all grew up with. Along with the storefront aspect of business there are a number of other categories to keep in mind which are also locally owned such as dining, service businesses, entertainment and something you may remember from childhood, the corner or Main Street pharmacy.

In it's heyday the independent pharmacist often reigned as a cornerstone of the community, but as times have changed our new world has become full of chains and corporations on every corner. Some of the beloved mom and pop stores have closed and the remaining ones are continually dealing with new challenges such as mega-stores and online sites. The pharmacies which remain however, in some cases having diversified into specialty areas such as compounding, continue to carry on a tradition of caring for their customers.

As dates come up through the year which bring attention to a certain food or type of business, we are admittedly pretty shameless in seizing such opportunities as reason to celebrate. National Pharmacist Day then, is the perfect time for us all to recognize the people and the iconic places which have contributed to the heart and soul of our towns. And if you are not using one already, consider shifting your business to an independently owned and operated pharmacy!

Do you use an independently-owned and operated pharmacy? Did you remember growing up going to one in your hometown? Visit our Facebook page and tell us about your independent pharmacist.

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"Three Ways Community Pharmacies Support the Community"

The National Community Pharmacists Association, founded in 1898 as the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD), represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of more than 22,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States. Visit their website and find them on Facebook.

Arrow signage on an independent pharmacy near me. Craig's Drug Store has been in operation in Cambridge, Maryland since 1867. The following is a brief history of the business and it's owners.

"Craig's originally opened on High Street, then moved to the corner of Race and Gay Street before January of 1881. It was then located at 521 Poplar Street from 1902 until it moved to 409 Race Street on July 1, 1998. The pharmacy was started by Charles P. Craig, and carried on by his son, William G. Craig. They were two of the first men to have certificates issued by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy. Both certificates are dated 4/8/1902, with William's being #3 and Charles' being #4. These certificates are both hanging in the pharmacy today. There are two prescription books from these early times with the oldest prescription being dated 1893." Visit their website and find them on Facebook.

To all of these small business owners, entrepreneurs and those who carry on a family name for decades or generations, we salute you and honor your contribution to our towns. May you always hold a place in the communities across America.

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