Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the Death of Small Businesses: Don't Let This Happen to your Town

So you take me for a ride,
Through your town, just to see;
And it hurts reading "For Rent"
Where Main Street used to be.

You pull to the drive thru
Of another fast food chain;
Casually you mention the loss
Of small businesses, down the drain.

Need to do some shopping you say,
So to the highway we cruise;
Past the small mom and pop's
This community stands to lose.

Once at the big box giant,
I can't join you inside;
I'm mourning the emptiness
Of your town, that has died.

So easy to look past
What's right there to see;
A quiet ride back to home
Leaves a sadness in me.

For your town can't survive,
When businesses are passed by;
And soon people will ask
Why the hell did they die.

Silent streets tell the tale,
Of what has been lost;
Vacant storefronts now show,
What big box "savings" have cost.

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