Friday, August 11, 2017

"There Would Now Be A Chain"

Written after a drive through a small town, witnessing the final steps in the journey of a beloved local business. Franchises and chain stores can pay higher rents and landlords will sometimes shuffle out a mom and pop for just that reason. It happens all the time - over and over again this scene plays out in our communities - but this time it stung just a little bit more. I was struck with the realization that we'd lost yet another independent business; another familiar, beloved local icon was gone. As the boom truck backed up to the building and prepared to hoist a brand new, bright and shiny new sign, a familiar corporate logo leaped out at me.....

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Celebrating Mom and Pop Small Business Owners

What is there to celebrate this week? Well, aside from all of the amazing independent businesses that many of us love and use faithfully, THIS Wednesday has a special meaning for the couples who are the true heart and soul of the American Dream.

Wednesday, March 29th is "National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day" and there is so much to appreciate than one day can possibly allow for! The effects of these icons and favorite spots that we love represent far more than just "places to go". They offer jobs, invest their money into advertising, local products, services and more. They are the ones who contribute to events and offer nearby anchors to our community. Small business owners sponsor the Little League team, donate to fundraisers and when they are valued and appreciated by residents, they make up a thriving portion of local economics. Celebrate Mom and Pop Business Owners Day by going to support an independent! Feel free to download any of these images by clicking on them to open a larger version in a new window.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Small Business Matters | Being a Team Player in the Local Movement

Today on my Facebook page I re-shared this graphic, again. (because if I can get more mileage out of one graphic I will try?) Ha ha....but no. It's because this SAME CONCEPT about "what goes around" could apply to many other types of "relationships" and forms of connections - for example, the people and brains behind many of the "Live Local" type organizations, groups or sites.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Each Time You Spend You are Making a Choice | Go Local for Valentine's Day

Doesn't your sweetheart deserve the very best? This Valentine's Day let the chain stores sell their bland, ordinary gift items, pre-packaged chocolates and predictable imported-days-ago flowers. (because nothing says love like the mass produced bear-in-a-balloon from every big box retailer. Ugh) If you are a town leader, chamber of tourism director or area Chamber of Commerce, promoting the unique aspects of Main Street and and neighborhoods is makes your community different and worth visiting! To download any of our graphics, just right-click and save the larger image that will open in a new window.

Think "outside the box".
Choose to shop local and show the love to your faithful and dedicated independent retailers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Celebrating Independents | National Pharmacist Day is January 12th

The focus of Live Local USA initially centered around retail and the small mom and pop shops that we all grew up with. Along with the storefront aspect of business there are a number of other categories to keep in mind which are also locally owned such as dining, service businesses, entertainment and something you may remember from childhood, the corner or Main Street pharmacy.

In it's heyday the independent pharmacist often reigned as a cornerstone of the community, but as times have changed our new world has become full of chains and corporations on every corner. Some of the beloved mom and pop stores have closed and the remaining ones are continually dealing with new challenges such as mega-stores and online sites. The pharmacies which remain however, in some cases having diversified into specialty areas such as compounding, continue to carry on a tradition of caring for their customers.