Monday, June 27, 2016

How will you celebrate your "Independents" this holiday?

Just ahead on the horizon is one of the summer's biggest and most festive occasions! How will you be planning to support independent businesses for this year's 4th of July? There are so many ways!

You could book a reservation at the waterfront restaurant known for being "the place" to watch the fireworks.

You could taken advantage of perhaps an extra day off work to do a mini road trip out into the country for a visit to a local farm, pick-your-own or farmers market.

You could place an order now with the neighborhood meat shop or butcher for all that stuff you plan to be grilling on the 4th.

Gather your friends and family for an afternoon at a nearby amusement park, mini-golf course or other attraction.

Local diners rock. Look up one near you and get to know the people who make part of your community.

You could.....never mind, your turn: tell us what and why we could do to make THIS holiday about "INDEPENDENTS"!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

A message to the followers of "Live Local USA"

So, I thought I should let you all know about some changes. From time to time this page may not be able to post as much, or you might see a whole deluge of comments and links shared at the same time.....things are changing pretty rapidly right now and I'm just trying to keep up.

About two weeks ago I'd mentioned we were venturing out to try an unknown independent for a special occasion, my mom's 80th birthday. The place we picked was an absolute home run, a grand slam in every way and she loved it. (perhaps one gauge of how much the other half enjoyed it was not minding paying the bill, ha ha). It was up there in price but exceptional in service and dining experience and that's all that mattered.

Choosing Local for Father's Day: 11 Cool Ways To Spend Time with Dad

Pssst. Dad doesn't want something boring from Awful-Mart or the mall. Why not plan to do something interesting, cool, fun and LOCAL this weekend? Here are some suggestions!

#1), take your pop to a nearby indie pub or even better, visit a local brewery this weekend and enjoy a tour of the facility.

#2), If you really, deep down in your heart believe that dad WANTS a tie, at least go for something cool and unique and from an independently-owned business. (maybe something fun like a tie with yellow ducks on it....or ice cream cones)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"What It's Like" | the Reality of Closing a Beloved Small Business

Maybe you weren't following my blog or page a year or two ago, or perhaps you saw the posts and it just didn't occur to you to read them. Or maybe actually following the journey of a small business owner as he said goodbye just didn't appear to be something significant. This time however, it was. Better than almost anyone who had put into words what it's like, Mr. Carlo offered all of us not only the chance to say farewell but the opportunity to glimpse the process of closing. It was painful but poignant and more than anything it showed such a love of customers and community that few people can understand.

Perhaps you would have to have been a small business owner yourself to really "get it", but for those folks who believe that a locally owned shop is just a building or a storefront or a hobby, it painted a picture of the incredible connections that people form with one another. And while being a shop owner is a privilege and an honor, it's also like cutting off a piece of yourself should it ever end. In October of 2014 they announced their closing.