Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A local icon forced out? General's Kitchen in Ocean City, Maryland

This is appalling. After so many years to have the landlord do something like this is absolutely disgusting. I'm aware that they own the building and can do what they wish and around here it does happen often that small businesses are displaced. But to invest so much for so long and then be tossed out is beyond insulting. Read the article here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom and Pop Against Corporate Greed

I've already been opposed to the greedy fat cats of huge corporations which pay their employees so little or deliberately give them too few hours to qualify for benefits. I'm against the select few which sit at the top and collect massive salaries, own multiple vacation homes and yet, the billions of dollars in profit serve to only make those in the top positions wealthy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What is an Independent Business Owner?

What IS an independent business owner?

Those who operate your favorite places, hometown favorites and local icons all over the country - are more than just faceless people. We ARE the heart and soul of your community; we donate for your Little League fundraisers, support benefit events for neighbors, open up upon request because you forgot dessert and desperately need one before heading to a family gathering. Fliers for events, fire department car washes, and lost pets are always on display in the windows because we have no "corporate policy" banning such things.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Closing Our Small Business | Goodbye, Sweets 'N' Treats

This was written in 2014 by a local business owner and poignantly speaks to the sadness of closing a beloved shop after almost twenty years.

"I wrote this a year ago about the importance of buying American-made and supporting the businesses which continue to do that. Sadly on Sunday I posted the news on my store's Facebook page that after 35 years we would be closing. Perhaps someone will read this and may realize how much goes into even the small decisions about what you buy and where it is made. Please take a moment to read, share and make the choice to demand American-made. Following the herd to walmart or the dollar store to buy products imported from china is not the answer. Speak up before it is too late; stop and think where you spend and what you are supporting. RIP Sweets 'N' Treats, Delaware 1979 - 2014"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What would I like to see on a local web site?

Uh oh.....someone asked me what I'd like to see here in my town as far as websites listing local businesses, attractions, etc. HA! Guess they didn't know much about me. "To be honest we have a lot of sites and pages which share business updates and news. But not any businesses, just the top 100, so to speak; the big names, for example. While those are known and appreciated as landmarks I'd say many of the tiny local spots make up the unique flavor of our town. Sometimes overlooked are the micro size bagel/donut shops, deli/eateries, mom & pop type places, which are what I believe sets an area apart. I don't go to Chincoteague for the best known seafood house but the tiny pizza joint and ice cream spot are enough that a crew of us make a monthly trip down. Each town needs a distinct flavor and I don't feel the small voices are sometimes noticed enough. Just my $.02" And while someone may be regretting having asked my thoughts, I'm realized that the love I have of local IS genuine - not just words on a page but it runs through so much of what I do; where I spend; etc. And yes, those tiny places an hour and a half away have become such a favorite to our group of friends that we just had decals made with a humorous icon/logo which are now displayed on our vehicles. Now I think THAT'S love of local.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the Death of Small Businesses: Don't Let This Happen to your Town

So you take me for a ride,
Through your town, just to see;
And it hurts reading "For Rent"
Where Main Street used to be.

You pull to the drive thru
Of another fast food chain;
Casually you mention the loss
Of small businesses, down the drain.

Need to do some shopping you say,
So to the highway we cruise;
Past the small mom and pop's
This community stands to lose.

Once at the big box giant,
I can't join you inside;
I'm mourning the emptiness
Of your town, that has died.

So easy to look past
What's right there to see;
A quiet ride back to home
Leaves a sadness in me.

For your town can't survive,
When businesses are passed by;
And soon people will ask
Why the hell did they die.

Silent streets tell the tale,
Of what has been lost;
Vacant storefronts now show,
What big box "savings" have cost.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

What Does It Mean To Be an Independent?

Mom and pop, locally-owned, indie businesses or however you refer to us - this is what we are.

Our businesses are owned by real live people - your neighbors and friends - those you go to church with and the ones who teach your children.