Monday, October 24, 2016

Spend Locally or just go to the Big Box Store? Small Biz vs Petco

So, if you'd been around on the Facebook page over the last few days you may have seen that I was totally irritated on Friday afternoon. The lack of interaction (zero, zilch, nadda) had made me wonder why so many people will share that little graphic about "Here's an idea.....(let's support a small business this holiday)" when there are so many REAL resources and sites which completely and totally support that thought process already as a lifestyle, a choice, not just a fad to do when we feel like it. Despite there being value in what some other pages (and this one) are saying, often few people appear to actually give a hoot. You might "like" a post to be polite, or maybe share a graphic that strikes you as useful, but you never comment nor do you really keep sharing that type of material as a regular thing. And that apathy just sometimes drives me CRAZY.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Don't Let The Color Fade From Your Town | the Importance of Local Businesses

They say that by the age of 6 a child can recognize 100 corporate logos. If this is true it's terribly sad, for it reiterates the fact that to the familiar brands, colors and signs the public will gravitate. Here in my town landlords can charge much higher rents to chain stores and I've yet to meet one who would turn down additional income simply to keep a locally owned tradition around. Yet these are the people who have amassed great wealth from the very tenants they now seek to get rid of....