Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Each Time You Spend You are Making a Choice | Go Local for Valentine's Day

Doesn't your sweetheart deserve the very best? This Valentine's Day let the chain stores sell their bland, ordinary gift items, pre-packaged chocolates and predictable imported-days-ago flowers. (because nothing says love like the mass produced bear-in-a-balloon from every big box retailer. Ugh) If you are a town leader, chamber of tourism director or area Chamber of Commerce, promoting the unique aspects of Main Street and and neighborhoods is makes your community different and worth visiting! To download any of our graphics, just right-click and save the larger image that will open in a new window.

Think "outside the box".
Choose to shop local and show the love to your faithful and dedicated independent retailers.

Why not purchase chocolates from a favorite candy shop on Main Street?
You can even download holiday graphics from Independent We Stand
Make the smarter choice and support mom and pop and spend where you live!
How can you find a local florist, rather than some faceless 1-800 number?
It does takes a little bit of planning sometimes....
....but being stuck at the last minute and rushing to the corner drugstore isn't such a great option either.
Knowing the people where you do business is a real luxury in today's world.
Have you thought about Gift certificates to locally-owned businesses?
We love these graphics put out by the American Independent Business Alliance. Go to their website to download yours!

And remember....."Every time you spend, you are casting your vote for the small businesses in your town."

Live Local USA | A Voice for Small Business

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