Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Closing Our Small Business | Goodbye, Sweets 'N' Treats

This was written in 2014 by a local business owner and poignantly speaks to the sadness of closing a beloved shop after almost twenty years.

"I wrote this a year ago about the importance of buying American-made and supporting the businesses which continue to do that. Sadly on Sunday I posted the news on my store's Facebook page that after 35 years we would be closing. Perhaps someone will read this and may realize how much goes into even the small decisions about what you buy and where it is made. Please take a moment to read, share and make the choice to demand American-made. Following the herd to walmart or the dollar store to buy products imported from china is not the answer. Speak up before it is too late; stop and think where you spend and what you are supporting. RIP Sweets 'N' Treats, Delaware 1979 - 2014"