Friday, May 27, 2016

Ten Great Ways to Support Local Businesses this Weekend

Ten ways you can support independent businesses this weekend:

1, stock up on groceries at your local supermarket,

2, pick a new local attraction for family fun such as mini golf, batting cages, paddle boat, kayak or bicycle rentals,

3, make a stop at the corner bakery for pies and donuts,

4, plan breakfast at one of your independent restaurants,

5, organize a ride to a nearby farm for fresh-made ice cream,

6, take everyone on a family field trip to a farmers market,

7, swing by the deli on main street for subs to take to the park,

8, get a map of downtown stores to give to the guests who are visiting from out of town and want to find cool places to shop,

9, order meats for the cookout at the neighborhood butcher,

10, the locally-owned hardware store has everything from citronella candles and grilling gear to bicycle repair kits and solar lights (so as far as I'm concerned I could pretty much just go there)

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