Friday, June 17, 2016

Choosing Local for Father's Day: 11 Cool Ways To Spend Time with Dad

Pssst. Dad doesn't want something boring from Awful-Mart or the mall. Why not plan to do something interesting, cool, fun and LOCAL this weekend? Here are some suggestions!

#1), take your pop to a nearby indie pub or even better, visit a local brewery this weekend and enjoy a tour of the facility.

#2), If you really, deep down in your heart believe that dad WANTS a tie, at least go for something cool and unique and from an independently-owned business. (maybe something fun like a tie with yellow ducks on it....or ice cream cones)

#3), Hardware stores - independent ones - rock. Get down there and see what things your father just can't live without!

#4), Can't celebrate a great pop without a great cake. Pick up one from your corner bakery tomorrow.

#5), Call up some friends and plan a golf outing at a local course or putting range or a session with a pro.

#6, Dad loves his ride. Plan to have his set of wheels detailed at a local service shop. Or pick up an assortment of DIY products at the hardware store if he's more into waxing and washing his own car.

#7), Plan a family meal at the coolest BBQ place around!

#8), Is your pop a coffee person? A gift certificate to the corner java hut is a great idea.

#9), Head out for a fun trip into the country and a stop at an area dairy farm for some ultra-fresh ice cream.

#10), Find a farmers market with some live entertainment to visit on Saturday or look in your local papers for community festivals or Main Street happenings. Those are always a wonderful way for a group of people to spend time together since there is usually something for all ages.

#11), Breakfast at a favorite diner could be just what your dear old dad would love.

Whatever you do....spending time together is more important than anything. Enjoy, explore, engage with the businesses and people which make up the community where you live.

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