Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where You Spend Matters | Think Before You Walk Into Another Chain Store

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our towns, neighborhoods and cities. They are more than "just" a building, or a shop, they are someone's life who loves where they live. Most owners don't do it for the money - they do it because they ARE the community and part of the community is in them. Don't wait. Invest in your independents now.

Every time you walk into a small business you are silently voting FOR THEM and against the generic all-under-one-roof store. I might pay $11 more for a vacuum cleaning at my local hardware shop....but I also didn't drive 40 minutes each way to Home Depot. Choose wisely. Live local.

It's not just about "shopping for gifts" at independent retailers. It's also about buying gift cards for the local coffee shop, passes to the family-owned amusement complex, tickets to the locally-owned movie theatre which STILL - after 50+ years - offers the same small town cinema experience! It's a gift certificate to the auto repair place on Main Street and treats for the dogs and cats from the pet supply coop. It's all about choosing where you spend!

Spend with the independents right in your community rather than the corporate chain stores.

Shopping for locally-made products keeps money in your community. Support the independent businesses and craftspeople which are a part of it.



A few days ago someone left a comment on one of my posts. It hit a nerve - because it's so eerily similar to something I might have said and felt - that I asked permission to repost it. Here it is in one of two styles...thank you Veronica for allowing me to share your words.

 Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. Value, appreciate and support the independently-owned icons in your town. When you spend where you live...You are investing locally, building connections, creating jobs, and growing a vibrant community.

Live Local USA ~ "The voice of independent businesses"

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