Friday, December 18, 2015

Still planning to buy that imported seafood? Why you might want to think again

I just read the article below completely and I'm furious. Although I'd read a good portion via my phone last night, the popups were driving me crazy and I didn't finish it. And when I shared it on my Facebook page, all that happened was a couple of polite likes and that was it. So I just re-posted it with the comments below, because I think it's important and that it matters. Do you?

"It's funny, I can post a graphic of some words inside a Christmas tree and people will share it like crazy....but I post THIS and often no one even acknowledges it. I guess American Dragon - Michael McKeldon Woody (the page which shared the article, that you can find on Facebook here) is used to finding that out but damn is it frustrating for me to see. I'm willing to bet that right now across the country, seafood selections (frozen, etc) in many of the major chain stores are somewhat depleted with the holidays coming. So clearly the public IS buying it...does that mean you support this slave labor?

Don't get me wrong, I'm no better than you. I LOVE shrimp and sometimes I want to be selfish and just have what I want. But...the local seafood available in our area isn't cheap, and thus it's become a couple of times a year extravagance only...because I will not willingly support foods produced in this manner. And if you think about it, tossing back that crap you picked up at walmart wouldn't kill you either. Maybe when you do splurge it will be a local seafood market that's family owned and operated....and yep, perhaps you won't get to buy it as often. But you just might be keeping the local business IN business."

Googling brought up more articles, all from within the last 3 days. Hmm. Perhaps this story actually hit a nerve?

Care to learn more? Here are some links to Maryland Seafood (since that's near me).

American Dragon - Michael McKeldon Woody

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