Monday, December 12, 2016

"Shop Local for the Holidays" Graphics and Images

Where will you chose to spend this holiday season; at a locally-owned shop or a corporate chain? Our choices are sometimes made in a rush or a panic of last-minute spending, but if you are truly in favor of supporting independent retailers, then it's important to plan ahead.

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Shopping for locally-made products keeps money in your community. Support the independent businesses and craftspeople which are a part of it.

I love my local mom and pop stores and I feel special when I shop there - as opposed to the mall where I just feel panicked and overwhelmed.

Actions speak louder. Don't just say it, do it.

Why leave town to drive an hour away? Spending locally is investing locally.

Your town. Your spending. Your choice.

I'm making the decision to spend locally and with the people I know.

This year, don't wait. Don't put off shopping until the last minute and then just pick up whatever "stuff" is available at the grocery store.

It's not a fad or just something to do for a day. It's a commitment, because you BELIEVE in spending with the independently-owned businesses in your community.

Because MY COMMUNITY matters.

Anyone can rush out and pick up the same gifts at the mall - but the genuine, special, unique pieces - those often come from local makers.

Support independent retailers this holiday season. They are more than "just" a building or a place to go; they are part of the community and neighborhood. . Indie business owners are part of the the community and part of the community is them.

It's important it is to plan ahead and focus on the small shops in your local community. They are not going to be open around the clock as some big box stores will be.

Enjoy a more thoughtful Christmas and shop with a purpose in mind, that of selecting special items for the special people in your life.

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