Monday, March 30, 2015

Two new beginnings

Because of a memorial service yesterday I wasn't able to get to a locally owned place to celebrate Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. However, twice in the last week we've opted to try two recently opened small restaurants in our local area.

Both were fresh, clean, newly painted and excited to see us, and we left each eatery feeling their interest in us, that they truly cared we were there. At one we noticed what was likely a family similarity between the various staff members and were pleased to see the seats filled almost to capacity.

Each restaurant is a new beginning for buildings that have been home to several other eateries. I’m hoping these folks find the right combination to create their own magic and brand, and that they become part of our landscape. Why? Because you can go to a Moe’s or Chili’s or Olive Garden ANYWHERE….any time. But these interactions with real people out to fulfill their dreams; taking a chance and investing in our local economy; they are unlike any other dining establishment. And that variety, flavor and uniqueness in our towns is what weaves a vibrant community worth visiting.

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